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Airlines in Nigeria Groan Under Aviation Fuel Scarcity, Flight Delays

One such official made the disclosure to journalists in Lagos on Monday, saying that the scarcity is unusual, given that there was no change in price of the fuel.

``I can confirm to you that aviation fuel is scarce and it can impact on airline operations if the scarcity persists,” said the official who requested privacy as he was not authorized to speak publicly on the issue.

``Although, the price has not increased, but the product is not available now. Aviation fuel sells for between N160 and N180 per litre.

``We are appealing to the fuel marketers to make the product available,'' he said.

Another aviation stakeholder, who asked for said that the situation had continued to persist in the past two days.

``Domestic airlines have been grappling with the challenge and it may worsen in the days ahead,’’ the source said.

The source hinted that the scarcity of aviation fuel, popularly called ``Jet A-1’’, had continued to affect major flights into and out of the Nnamdi Azikwe International Airport in Abuja.

``Most airlines have now had to go to airports in Kano and other places to source for aviation fuel, thereby impacting negatively on their operations,’’ the source said.

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